VersiPave 24P

Our pedestal VersiPave 24P  eliminates the need for bedding sand / or of brick or metal piers for installation of raised pavers or decking. It eliminates efflorescence and prevents algae growth on pavers, facilitates rapid surface drainage and easy accessibility to waterproofing membranes and concealed services.  It also provides a ventilation break that reduces heat and sound transmission to habitable space below.

Femox VersiPave 24P Pedestal

adjustable height 24-45mm in 1mm steps

Extender to  VersiPave, 20 mm

Extender to VersiPave,  40 mm

Application features VersiPave 24P

 Individual chocks

Allow for difference in individual paver thickness.

Height adjustment

Allows height adjustments from 24 mm to 45  mm in 1-mm increments.

Sectioned design

VersiPave and Extenders can be used in sections along edges and corners.

Extended height range

Pedestal height can be increased with VP-20E or VP-40E extenders.

Lock pins

They prevent accidental movement of chocks after height is set.


compatible with other Femox pedestals e.g. SpiraPave and VersiJack

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