VersiPave 4P pedestal with fixed height

VersiPave 4P is a paver support of fixed height of 4 mm , designed for stone or wooden pavers. It helps reduce efflorescence and algae growth.

VersiPave 4P has an integrated spacer tab which provides regular gap sizes between pavers. The pedestal between sealing and  plate is 4mm thick and 170 mm in diameter and it prevents the  violation of the roof membrane.

VersiPave 4P can be stacked in order to achieve an effective height of 8mm. Between or above them can also be rubber pads used - they are 1mm or 2mm thick.

The 12mm high spacer tabs are well suited for panels with low material thickness.
VersiPave 4P can be separated into halves or zones in and around corners to provide a flush installation along the walls.

VersiPave 4P / fixed height 4mm

Joint width: 3mm oder 5mm
Joint height: 12mm

VersiPave 4P

stacked VersiPave 4P used as a 8mm pedestal

VersiPave 4P

1/2 VersiPave 4 P along the wall

VersiPave 4P

1/4 VersiPave 4P in a corner


VersiPave 4P

3/4 VersiPave 4P around a corner part