VGM Living Wall

VGM Living Wall

The Femox VGM Living Wall offers the architects a comprehensive and long-lasting solution for heat absorption or replacing often unimpressive walls. Thus these can be replaced by attractive, naturally planted which gives the area a "wellness-oasis" feeling. Furthermore, the VGM Living Wall reduces noise and extreme temperatures inside.

Distinctive Features VGM Living Wall

All-around planting

Desing minimizes module warping and media bag buiging. Optional cut-away side openings enable all-around planting when required. Top panel is easily opened and closed.


VGMs pre-planted and nurtured off-site allow the plants to take root and be orientated to a vertical environment. This enables a mature living wall to be established soon after installation.

Securing system

Each VGM is secured by 4 steel brackets and anchored to steel pilasters. Pilasters require minimal penetrations of the supporting wall and enables easy mounting and dismounting of the VGMs.

Fertigation system

Automated fertigation system with multiple arrow drippers inserted into the planting medium deliver water and fertilizers directly at constant pressure to the plantroots.

Anti-lift arm

The steel brackets and pilasters are engineered to a high safety standard and are especially suited on high walls. Locking arms prevent the VGM lifting off the pilasters.

Planting media

Predominantly lightweight inorganic planting medium resists slumping. Large media volume and proprietary additives allow use of a wide variety of plants and ensures its sustainability.