MEP Green roof modules

Research worldwide has shown that green roofs limit the impact of climate change, underlinig the valuable role play in sustainable design. They reduce heat transmission from rooftop to habitable space below, lower ambient temperature, mitigate urban heat island effect, reduce rainwater runoff, and improva air quality and aesthetics.

What is MEP Tray?

The Femox MEP Tray ( Modular Extensive Planting Tray) system allows quick realisation of extensive green roofs. It is a ligthweigth and robust planting tray with water storage compartments made from hight-strength UV-stabilised polypropylene.


The system includes a support plate with anti-root overflow outlet covers, capillary wicks, geotextile filter, confinement grid, joining and fastening pegs, rodent barriers, base connector and drainage pipes.


The water reservoir in each MEP Tray supports long - term plant sustainability with minimal maintenance. The modular tray design allows sustained plant growth and its light weight facilitates easy creation of desired designs and patterns. Each MEP Tray including accessories, saturated planting media, plants and stored water weighs less than 30 kg.

The self-contained MEP Tray may be pre-planted in a sursery prior to installation to achieve instant greening of rooftops.


MEP Trays components are manufactured primariliy from recycled plastics, supporting all international Green Building certifications.

Distinctive Features

Capillary Wicks

Capillary wicks in the Support Plate convey water to the geotextile filter and planting media. This also discourages root incursion into the reservoir.

Placement of Planting Media

The MEP Tray has a fited Support Plate for placement of a geotextile filter. Its small apertures stop excess planting media from getting into the reservoir.

Erosion Control

A Confinement Grid minimises media spillage within the MEP Tray. It is attached to the tray to prevent it from being dislodged.

Securing of Trays

Adjoining MEP Trays are secured by fastening pegs. Each tray may be bolted to the substrate via the Base Connector for additional security if required.



Water Seepage

Ridges at the edge and around the fastening holes of the MEP Tray prevent water seepage between adjoining trays keeping the roof beneath dry.

Non intrusive base

The MEP Tray has a smooth base without any protrusions allowing it to be placed directly onto the waterproofing membrane without damaging it. 



Independent Drainage

The MEP Tray utilises an independent drainage system pre-installed beneath the trays. Polyurethane seals used at the joints ensure watertightness.

Fast Installation & Removal

MEP Tray units are placed onto a pre-installed drainage network. Trays are easily added or removed without affecting the drainage network.

Rodent Barriers

Rodent Barriers at each corner of the MEP Tray prevent rodents infesting the space between trays and uplifting of trays by strong winds.